Jul 23, 2018

Heaven's "Candidate Application"

NOTE:  Please excuse our sentax, grammer, and punctuation.  This is not a normal article.  It is a Video Script designed to fit the formatting of the video.

Over time, Heaven has developed, and now makes available to any interested person, a one question Candidate Application through the office of Jesus Christ. And, while one question may seem a bit scant regarding thoroughness, it is not so at all. Indeed, this one simple question, resides at the very center of Christian Redemption. And, it immediately defines our acceptability as a candidate for that thoroughly redemptive process which prepares the soul to enter Heaven. The answer to this very profound question also determines, in advance, our viability for a meaningful and enduring relationship with God. And finally, this small, ten word question accurately predicts the ultimate destiny of our soul – whether it lies in Heaven or Hell.

Q. Prime:  Are you truly desperate to find 
  a new and better life?
O  Yes
            If you marked "Yes" as your heart-felt answer -  Congratulations!  This is a great answer and the one for which Heaven always hopes.  No one is really a candidate for Heaven 
until they are made truly Desperate by the Outflows of their own Brokenness.   It is this desperation which finally humbles us and makes us truly open to divine help.  So, if that's you in this moment, you are, indeed, a good candidate for Heaven.  
           And here is God's simple pathway for your rescue.  The Key to a new and better life is a new and better you.  And, the key to a new and better you is an empowering merger between your character essence and that of the Jesus Christ.  So, the first step: simply express to Christ, your readiness to sincerely embrace His Lordship – including His values, His truth, and His daily directions for your life.
          From the moment of that sincere embrace, you will immediately begin to experience an increasing level of God awareness.  This occurs as the Divine Spirit begins to guide you toward this literal merger with the Character Essence of Christ.  
          And, out of this Personal Integration with His Divine Character will flow an empowering Renewal Process.  And, this process will bring a true and thorough newness – both to your core person and to your life circumstance.  And, this truly redemptive process will entirely prepare you to enjoy God's Perfected Creation:  Heaven.

O No
                  However, if you marked No as your response to the Prime Question, we are so very sorry. This Response Disqualifies You as a candidate for Heaven. The whole purpose of Heaven’s redemptive effort is to thoroughly renew humanity through Jesus Christ - in the Here-and-now. But, please know that we do appreciate your frankness and honesty. And, we certainly encourage you to apply again should you experience a heart-felt change in your response.

"Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." -Jesus //  Ref. John 3: 3-8 The Holy Bible

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