Devil Whispers Review

 The Author on Devil Whispers

  The Underlying Ideas:    Most every book starts with a few structural ideas.  These were mine for Devil Whispers:

  • First, I wanted to offer a stark, a compelling, and a very frank reality check for both the American Church and the American secular reader. 
  • Second, I wanted to expose, in a very impactful way, that dark and treacherous side of the metaphysical dimension. 
  • Third, I wanted to organically demonstrate, using non-insider language and universally understood frames of reference, the true genius, beauty, and effectiveness of God’s authentic redemptive process.
And, regarding that last spec, it simply had to be that the book would also present, along with those darker exposures, an accurate picture of Christ’s thoroughly redemptive ability - but not the usual "epidermal" view. Rather, the goal was to take readers to a more "cellular" level, where they might precisely see the redemptive mechanism which actually brings the elevated new life which Christ offers in the here-and-now.

So, these were the weightier goals which initially defined the book, and which I believed, if achieved, would make the book worth writing and worth reading. But, full disclosure, Devil Whispers does, unapologetically, confront the delusional thinking of both the present day Church and secular America.

The Overview:

Aware or not - we are constantly living in, moving through, and being impacted by two reality dimensions. They are the physical and the metaphysical (or spiritual) dimensions. However, our physical senses are designed to detect only the physical reality. So we remain largely unaware of and unfamiliar with the metaphysical reality. But Devil Whispers merges both of these reality dimensions into a single view, creating a truer and more detailed picture of the human experience.

The captivating storyline of Devil Whispers then employs this larger view to follow Satan’s colossal misdeeds and expose their profound impact upon mankind. This cautionary tale is far-flung and fast moving. Starting in 2037, it then circles back through history, passes though these present times, and comes again to 2037 to view the cataclysmic events of that time.

In the process the book does, indeed, lay bare that challenging metaphysical dimension which we often wonder about but seldom get a chance to really visualize and mentally explore in such detail. So, Devil Whispers uses both fiction and organically generated, real-life takeaways to truly broaden the interpretation of these times and those which lie just ahead. This book will stun and unsettle you on many levels.

  Thank you for considering Devil Whispers