A Quick Intro to Devil Whispers

 Devil Whispers is the first book in the unique, two book series, "The Re-Awakening."  This hybrid series involves both a fiction and a non-fiction work.  Devil Whispers is the fiction book.  But this cautionary tale has so many real life take-aways that it hardly seems so.  This work is a unique and stunning commentary on the human experience "simulcast" in both the physical and metaphysical view.   


Aware or not - we are constantly living in, moving through, and being impacted by two dimensions of reality. They are the physical and the metaphysical (or spiritual) dimensions. Devil Whispers merges both of these facets of reality into a single view – creating a more complete picture of the actual, day-to-day human experience.  The captivating storyline of the book then employs this larger view to follow the colossal misdeeds of the Darkness and expose, in full color, their impact upon our world and our daily lives. 

Devil Whispers is far-flung and fast moving.  The story starts in 2037 but quickly circles back through history. In the process, it passes though and notes the important upheavals of these present times, ultimately coming again to 2037. 

Once there, the book then finally exposes the cataclysmic outflows rooted in the social, political, and spiritual stress cracks occurring today.  This is a journey which will, indeed, move you on various levels as it clearly displays, in vivid detail, the normally unseen treacheries which have ever threatened the quality of human life – and which still virulently do so, even to this very hour.

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