A Quick Intro to Spiritual Dynamics

Spiritual Dynamics is the completing, non-fiction book in the hybrid, two book series, "The Re-Awakening."  Building on the stark picture painted by the storyline of Devil Whispers, the earlier, stage-setting  fiction book in the series, this second book carefully explains, in very clear language and concepts, God's graceful rescue plan for the Church.  And, without question, Spiritual Dynamics is divinely synchronized to speak to these present confused and confusing times which have now engulfed both the secular world and the Church.


Given the seriousness of the subject matter, if you read Spiritual Dynamics, you will probably be surprised by the tenor of its approach.  It is not written in a heavy theological brogue.  Nor does it read like a doctoral thesis. And, it does not employ an oppressive, “thou shalt” type of overtone.

 Rather, this book is very purposely written in a more everyday language and a fairly light voice, so as to facilitate an easy flow of information. And, regarding that information, Spiritual Dynamics accurately answers all of the important questions and very coherently connects all of the essential dots regarding God’s redemptive agenda.

It seems prevalent now, that many are choosing not to pursue anything more than a kind of cliché knowledge of the workings of the Christian Faith. But if you are seeking a fuller, “truly makes sense” understanding of how God, through Christ, actually thoroughly renews the broken lives of ordinary human beings, you will not be disappointed with Spiritual Dynamics.  It is truly an eye-opener regarding His graceful and ingenious rescue plan.

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