Spiritual Dynamics Review


 The Author on Spiritual Dynamics:  

 The Underlying Ideas:  Most books start with a few advance ideas.  These were mine for Spiritual Dynamics:

 ·         First, I wanted to answer my own unanswered questions - so as to add in and connect the missing dots in my own mind regarding Christian Redemption. So, I spent the last almost half-century searching it all out.  And now, I've written it all down in Spiritual Dynamics 

  • Second, I wanted the concepts of the book to flow easily into the mind of the reader. So, I burned my Dictionary of Insider Speak before I started writing. 
  • Third, it was important that I not sound like just another theological nerd.  So, I…  Well, 2 out of 3 isn't bad.  Just kidding.  So I scattered in a little organic humor along the way.  What nerd ever did that? 

            Christian redemption is not really that complicated, but it is beautifully sophisticated. And, there is a difference.  In Spiritual Dynamics I tried to continually respect both of those realities.  In my mind, to overly complicate what simply works out to be about a durable, and deeply fulfilling divine friendship is just not necessary.  

           On the other hand, not to show off both the pragmatic and the aesthetic sophistication of the redemptive process would be absolutely unforgivable. So, "Simple and beautifully sophisticated," I thought. "Yeah, I'll write that." 

 The Overview:         

         Given the seriousness of the subject matter of Christian Redemption, if you read this book, you will probably be surprised by the tenor of its language.  It is not written in a heavy theological brogue.  Nor does it read like a doctoral thesis with great polish and plenty of documenting footnotes. Nor does it use an oppressive, "thou shalt" tone.

 Rather, it is very purposely written in a more everyday language and a fairly light voice, so as to facilitate an easy informational flow. And, regarding that information, Spiritual Dynamics accurately answers all of the pertinent questions, regarding the workings of Christian redemption.  And, it does so in a very coherent, easy to understand way.  If you’re looking for a thorough understanding of how God actually reclaims and renews ordinary human beings through Christ, you will not be disappointed with Spiritual Dynamics.

                Thank you for considering Spiritual Dynamics