Snippets: Page Three

Dream Stumbles

Loving and trusting God is simply what Christians do. Our living faith causes us to always answer with a ready heart, "At your service, Lord." That is just the nature of faith. 

But, it is true, sometimes that attitude brings conflict between our dreams and what God dreams for us. The temptation, of course, is to hang onto our aspirations while we try to somehow appease His.  

Big mistake. If your dreams are in His way - cut loose your dreams and never look back. Otherwise you will stumble over them. 

Cut 'em loose, and one or both of two things will typically happen. Either God will enable you to realize better dreams in league with Him -or- He will eventually bring you back, in a much better prepared way, to finally realize those dreams you gave up for Him.


Not all respect is the same. There is the respect that we are given based simply in our humanity. There is the respect that we receive based in our position, as a parent, a police officer, a boss, or a public official, etc. And there is the respect that is based in our performance. 

However, that last type respect is absolutely never given except when it is absolutely merited by our performance. People may respect you as a human being. They may respect you due to the position you hold as a parent, or a mayor, or a teacher etc. But, if you do not actually perform well, people will never give you the respect that comes with doing so. 

 No matter what, performance based respect is only given in response to deserving performance. Heads up parents, pastors, and bosses.

Conditions: Yes / No
God's love has a trilateral nature. God loves us with a love that is based in His nature. He loves us with a love that is based in His position as the Governing Creator. And, He loves us with a love that is based in His expectation of performance from us. 

Always, God's love exists in these three ways - at the same time. And, because this is true, God's love is sometimes conditional and sometimes unconditional.  Learn More: