Jan 12, 2012

Are We There Yet ?

It’s been a long and tiring journey to this point - through history, that is. And even just the distance of our own little part makes our bones ache with road weariness. And some of our brothers and sisters have already fallen asleep as we have traveled. 

But some of us "kids" are still awake.  And we are just ready to be Home.  And so we ask our Heavenly Father - "Are we there yet?" And this, I suspect, might be His patient reply...

"No, dear child, we are not there yet. But we are almost there. There are a few more miles to make through the night, but we will all be Home soon. Just be patient.

"Perhaps you could pass the time by thinking about just how good it will be when we get there. Your sleeping brothers and sisters will all awaken to join you in a brand new, bright and shining day. And you will all be able to laugh together in the warmth of its unending Son shine.

"Just think, when you get Home, you will never cry any more tears - except for tears of the purest joy. Everything that ever made you cry with sadness will be behind you, all the bad people, all the pain, all the haunting fears.  All of that will all be soon forgotten. Because, only good things happen at Home.

"And you will have whatever time you need to pursue your God given passions, to become great at what you love, to perfect your every effort. Your mind will be your greatest tool; and your body will entirely cooperate with all of your wishes.

"At home you will know true freedom; because, aging, and disability, and death will no longer be able to set their harsh limits upon you there. Rather, you will laugh with unending laughter at the sheer joy of your creativity, your abilities, and your power, even to make the mountains play leap frog, if you wish.

"And, at Home, there will be no anger, no discord, no harm among the family. For those things will be dispersed by the rule of Love. Because Love rules at Home. 

"So just anticipate the morning child. With the Son rise you will be home. And you will be free to rest, or sing, or work, or soar, or contemplate, or create, or compose, or walk and talk with Me. At Home, in the morning, you will find yourself - and all that you were meant to be. Just be patient, child, and watch for the Son rise..."


"Yes, child."

"Are we there yet?"