Oct 2, 2012

The R/Gap

In point of fact, redemptive faith is actually best understood to be, “a transformative personal humility before God.” And, this redemptive humility is entirely defined by our complete willingness to embrace both God's values, His  truth,  and His daily directions for our life.  

But, in the modern Church, we have allowed this true concept of redeeming faith to morph into the perverted idea of "the non-responsibility of the believer."  And, this perversion has had the same impact on our relationship to God that we would expect it to have in our relationships with each other. It has robbed our relationship to God of all validity and authenticity - just as you would expect it to do if employed in human relationships.

For example, operating under the idea of non-responsibility,  children would no longer feel obliged to obey their parents.  Wives and Husbands would no longer feel the need for fidelity to their spouse.  And, society as a whole, embracing this idea of personal non-responsibility, would lose their sense of ethics and morality since those things are entirely based in a sense of responsibility.  

Thus, it becomes easily obvious that the idea of personal non-responsibility would, indeed, be devastating to our important relationships.  It would actually destroy the very basis of those relationships. 

And yet, this is, indeed, the very flawed concept of faith which we have widely embraced in the modern Church with regard to our relationship to God.  And, we have done so with precisely that same devastating result.     

And, this widespread error in our concept of what God expects of us in redemption entirely explains the "Relational Gap" which has developed between God and the present Church - and even the present culture as a whole.  We are now a great deal more distant from God because we no longer understand how to correctly engage Him through a correctly constituted faith.

 And, it is an absolute certainty that we will not be able to close this relational gap until we once again embrace the correct idea of what saving faith really is.  Until we return to the kind of humility before God which fully embraces His value system, His truth, and His daily guidance, that gap can only continue to grow into an every widening gulf. 

Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?" - Jesus

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