Sep 7, 2009


For: September 7, 2009

The Apostle John said, "My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. " Active, truthful love is always more what you do than what you feel. It is never dependent on feeling to survive or express itself. And in Christ, this kind of genuine love first comes to life within us as a general sense of moral responsibility for the well being of others.

The most down to earth concept of sin that I know is simply selfishness, for which love is the perfect remedy. Basic to the new character that we are given in Christ is the reality of a love that acts in truth - to be considerate of others - in the family, in the work place, at school, and on all of the other commons of life.


How long prevails the darkness Lord
That snares our dreams
and rears the head of the ugliest things.

We weep and fight and struggle and kill
To have, and to horde,
Only to find that we weep the more.

We crush the dreams of others
To mortar the tower of our own
And still it does not rise.

On any scale, the circle of one
Is always far too small.
Enduring joy only lives in the broader circle of all.

And though we emerge from the human sea,
One, alone, to scoff at the rest,
Yet time, and wisdom, and the judgment of God will put us to the test.

And finally, far too late we'll see,
That all along, we were but trapped,
In the circle that was Me.