Apr 22, 2012

God: Manager Of Train Wrecks

“Poor little me,” there is just too much of that emotion going on among believers these days.  Feeling sorry for yourself is not a productive posture, and thus, not something that men and women of God should be involved in, monthly or weekly, much less daily.

If you deserve to be felt sorry for, let somebody else do it.  Let those who love and care about you do it.  Or better yet, let God take care of that.  He is a very good judge of circumstance.  He will certainly know when you need to be emotionally stroked, and perhaps lent a divine hand.  If you really deserve it, allow your compassionate God to feel sorry for you.  And that will come off looking, and actually being, a lot better than you feeling sorry for yourself.
On the other hand, if you don’t really deserve to be felt sorry for, then why in the world are you doing it.  “Poor little me,” isn't flattering to anyone - ever.  But it is especially unflattering when it becomes a chronic coping attitude.  So, if that's what's going on - quit it.  You're better than that.
Here is a better way to deal with life's pain, heavy burdens, and rough patches.  #1, stop running around in your own head and listening to your own voice.  Start listening for God’s. 

And this is what His voice is going to say.  I know, because this is what He always says to us when we are struggling under the weight of life’s painful loads.  He will say, “Come aside to Me.”
When you hear that divine invitation, #2, Do it!  Determine to have a true personal emphasis of some significant duration (think: “make this a big deal”) aimed at spending quality time with God, and through that, understanding his purpose and direction for you.  Set some things aside.  Leave some things off.  And just go alone with Him in a very intentional way.
When you do, God’s love will comfort you and help you in just the ways that you need to be comforted and helped.  And He will give you a personal renewal and a new direction. 
And when he does, #3, Follow it!  Trust God and let God.  Allow Him to work His plan, His way, instead of believing that you must work your plan, your way.  Trust and follow His instructions.
If you will do these things, you can go from “poor little me” to "how great thou art, Lord" - a much better frame of mind.  And that leads to a much happier and more productive lifestyle, and a much better looking daily posture for men and women who know and serve a compassionate and almighty God.
How do I know all of this wonderful stuff?  Hummm… Now, let’s see…