Oct 16, 2012

The Real Portrait

I didn't see it at first.  When I began my journey with the Savior, I thought it was just about that - saving my soul.  And, I thought the process was basically about a long list of Dos and Don’ts. But, in fact, it's about something much bigger and better.  It is about  friendship. 

And that friendship means this.  In Christ, every day of our lives we rise to His presence with us.  As a result, we are never alone in any circumstance.  He shares with us every challenge, every achievement, every fear, every joy, and every milestone of any kind.  And in all of those times, we enjoy a constant access to all that He is.

When we go to the place where we pray in the morning, He is there.  And, we talk, and plan, and work out solutions for life.  And then we charge into the day - together.
And as a result of this daily friendship, we come to know Jesus through our life path.  We experience Him, for example, through our life as a student, through our work life, through our recreational life, and through our relational life.  And, in all of those circumstances, and many more, He becomes a force to enable our personal growth and truely meaningful successes. 

And, in the course of these interactions, He gives us honest perspectives.  He is forgiving of our weaknesses and mistakes.  And, as any true friend would be, He is sometimes insistent - in our best interest. 

I know very well that Jesus is Almighty God and the Lord of all things.   I understand the great gulf which exists between His station and mine in the grand scheme of things.  And yet, my more common awareness is now mostly just this intimate friendship.  And though I’ve never seen my divine Friend, that awareness has only deepened with time. 

And, indeed, He is normally invisible to the physical eye.  That is just the present reality.    And, for my part, that’s ok.  I just don’t have a problem with invisible. 

And is the true substance of any friendship ever really known in the external?

It is not by sight that we come to know Jesus.  It is by an inner awareness, an entirely new and divinly provided sensibility which reaches beyond the limitation of our physical senses.  And it is this inner sense of Him which allows us to perceive His emotions, His demeanor, and even to hear His inner voice.  So, the eye is really unnecessary to this friendship.  This friendship is enabled, not by sight, but by a divinely awakened heart.

Many people fear such things, that which they cannot see or understand through the physical senses.  But, we quickly cease to be one of those people when we taste the divine friendship in the simplicity of - just knowing Him. 

And again, I, too, have to admit that I once feared what I mistakenly perceived concerning God.  I thought Him to be all about intrusion, and demands, and a sterile, joyless existence.  Turns out, that’s just the Devil’s portrait of Him. 

Certainly, God is the absolute Authority in the universe.  But, most days, in Christ, you'd never know it.  And, in fact, when I think about God's authority, I find it comforting to know that all of that power is only ever focused on my highest good.  So, I now trust that power.  I do not suspect it.

In spite of how the Devil paints things, it is the divine friendship which enables us. In the energies of Christ, our character is renewed and made more attractive.  His love confirms us as valuable.  He brings confidence to our direction.  In Him, we find help, and companionship, and hope, and certainty.

Deep friendship, even with Almighty God, is still only real love wonderfully played out in shared days. 

And, it’s true.  I, like so many others, just didn’t see that at first.  I thought, back in the day, that God was, indeed, only about that long list of “Dos and Don’ts.”  However, what I have discovered is that life, itself, furnishes the Dos and Don'ts. 

God is more about helping us successfully negotiate those choices - in the simple context of a close and enduring friendship.


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