The Author on, "The Re-Awakening"

This is a brief introduction to the book series called “The Re-Awakening,a unique, two book series intended to address only one huge and heartbreaking problem.  That problem is an Evangelical Christian Church which is broadly choosing to live far below the privilege offered to it by the Living Christ. It is true. At the grassroots level, under all of our denominational banners, we have now widely become that calloused and clueless “Laodicean” Church described in the last book of the Bible.  And like that church, we have little motivation to do better – or even admit to this widespread failing.


But, in fact, we can actually do spectacularly better.  And, the books in this series very compellingly prove this to be the case.  The first book in this hybrid, fiction/ non-fiction series is Devil Whispers.  And, it is, indeed, a work of fiction – but with so many real life take-aways, it hardly seems so. This dramatic book serves as the very gripping, big picture stage-setter for the second book in the series, Spiritual Dynamics.


This non-fiction second book is the critical “end game” book which then serves up God’s authentic, thoroughly life-transforming rescue plan in a very appetizing way, using easy-to-comprehend language and very tactile concepts.  The end result is that this book vividly demonstrates, how the Living Christ is able to share His empowered and empowering character essence with believers to enable, a thorough, here-and-now life renewal – in very real terms.

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart." Connected to the power of the Living Christ, these “First Words” can still rescue this present Church from the quagmire of our delusions of safety and well-being.  Indeed, they can, take us from casual religion to a fully animated relationship with God.  No one has ever touched God in the fog of their Ho Hum. Nor will this contemporary Church. That truly life-saving divine encounter only ever really happens within the clarity of our All-In.

  Thank you for considering “The Re-Awakening” books for your personal and/or group study or church library.

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