The Re-Awakening Series

 A Hybrid (fiction/ non-fiction) Two Book Series:

 The Series:

The hybrid (fiction/ non-fiction) structure of this series is significant.  First, the fiction book presents a sweeping tale of the epic, God/ man story, organically weaving in the significant issues and intricacies of that physical-metaphysical relationship in a dramatically entertaining way.  Much of the ground work is then already laid for the non-fiction book to easily bring real clarity to those significant issues and intricacies.

The Fiction Book (170 Pages):  Devil Whispers

Devil Whispers, as a brassy cautionary tale, clearly displays the terminal course of contemporary America, as it vibrantly sprawls the God/ man epic across the large and well-lit stage of history.  And, you’ll be amazed at the spontaneous clarity which results along the way. The book employs fiction, but with so many real life take-aways, at times, it hardly seems fictional.  And, it is not afraid to call a foul, a foul.

This book merges both the physical and the metaphysical realities into a single visibility. Its captivating storyline then employs this larger view to reveal the colossal misdeeds of the Darkness in a far-flung, fast-moving plot which begins in 2037. It then quickly circles back through history, passing through and noting the important upheavals of these present times, to ultimately come again to 2037. Once there again, the cataclysmic events of that time – events rooted in the spiritual, social, and political stress cracks occurring today – are allowed to play out. 

The Non-fiction Book (165 Pages):  Spiritual Dynamics

Spiritual Dynamics is the stuff of true hearts in serious pursuit of God’s. This book thoroughly clarifies the important redemptive issues so vividly exposed in Devil Whispers.  And, it does so using fresh, non-insider language, concepts, and illustrations. The result?  The book easily displays both the simplicity and the sophistication of God’s authentic redemptive work through both the Dying and the Living Christ.

 And, you will almost certainly be surprised by the easy going tenor of this book’s approach, given the gravity of its subject matter. Spiritual Dynamics is purposely written in a more everyday language and a fairly light voice, so as to facilitate the easy flow of its invaluable insights.  And, in that flow resides a tremendous capacity to enlarge both the reader’s accurate understanding of and real devotion to God’s authentic redemptive agenda.

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