The Re-Awakening Series

 The Re-Awakening Series: 
A unique, hybrid (fiction / non-fiction) two book set

What will happen if these two books are read in their correct order?  Well first, Devil Whispers will paint a succinct and vibrant picture of the human experience in both the physical and spiritual dimensions – simultaneously.  And, in doing so, the book will easily transport the reader past the belief that human events are merely the product of a physical, cause-and-effect process. Indeed, this book will clearly show that the unseen dynamics of the spiritual dimension are the much more culpable animators of our days.

This frank and challenging book is actually intended to do two primary things.  It is intended to freshly awaken a sense of positive desperation in godly hearts – a desperation which, in turn, energizes new levels of devotion, understanding, and intimacy with God.  And, it is intended to set the stage for the completing book in this set, Spiritual Dynamics. That book then pierces the religious gobbledygook and theological misdirections to reveal a clear view of that authentic redemptive journey which always attends true faith.

 The world is now living through a late and difficult hour in God’s redemptive time-table – one in which America is actually imploding before our eyes.  Most still lay the blame for this on our dire political realities.  But here too, the more foundational cause lies within those unseen dynamics of the spiritual dimension.

 We are really failing because our populace, both religious and secular, has alienated God by our now widespread shallowness and disrespect.  As a result, He has taken a decisive back-step.  And now, absent God’s active national guardianship, we are left staring at imminent collapse. These books were written to help avert that terminal anguish.  And, they have a real capacity to make a difference – if allowed to speak.


Devil Whispers: (Fiction) The First Book


Aware or not – we are constantly living in, moving through, and being impacted by two dimensions of reality.  They are the physical and the metaphysical (or spiritual) dimensions.  Devil Whispers merges both of these realities into a single view.  The captivating storyline of the book then employs this larger view to follow and realistically expose the methods, treacheries, and colossal misdeeds of the Darkness.

            And, this storyline is far-flung and fast moving.  It begins in 2037. But it then quickly circles back through history passing through and noting the important upheavals of these present times, as it ultimately comes again to 2037. Once back there, the cataclysmic events of that time – events rooted in the spiritual, social, and political stress cracks occurring today – are allowed to play out in an alarmingly realistic way. It is likely that this journey will move you and significantly impact how you understand life’s bigger picture.

Spiritual Dynamics: (Non-fiction) The Second Book


Given the seriousness of the subject matter addressed by Spiritual Dynamics, you will probably be surprised by the tone of its approach.  It is not written in a heavy theological brogue.  Nor does it read like a doctoral thesis.  And, it does not employ an oppressive, “thou shalt” overtone. 

            Rather, this book is very purposely written in a more everyday language and a fairly light inflection to facilitate an easier flow of information.  And, regarding that information, Spiritual Dynamics is truly a fresh step forward as an explanation of the realities of the metaphysical dimension.  Indeed, this book has a tremendous capacity to broaden the reader’s practical understanding and strengthen the consistency and durability of his or her devotion.

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