Feb 15, 2010

Choose Your Ride

OK. So here's the simple view of how it breaks down in America when it comes to the Protestant religious ride. There are many dealerships; but there are essentially only two brands of vehicles. Most everybody drives one of these two vehicles as their chosen means of transportation to Heaven. The first is the Salvation Chevy. It is unquestionably the top seller of the two redemptive vehicles.

The engine that powers the Chevy is the Forgiveness Engine. It is a single fuel engine which draws its energy solely from the power of the Cross. And this engine is powerful. It is the stand out feature of the Salvation Chevy. And, if you just sign on for the basic Chevy package, the engine is about all you get as a standard feature, but the good news - it comes with a no-questions-asked, lifetime warranty.

However, there is a Performance Package Option that you can also choose for your Chevy - at some additional cost. You can choose to add the Lifestyle Upgrade, the Spiritual Sensitivity Package, the Premium Visibility Option, and Daily On Star. But, these options do come with a price. They will set you back a bit in terms of time, energy, and resource investment.

But remember, these are options on the Chevy. They are strictly up to you. And according to Chevy's color glossy brochure, whether you choose them, or whether you don't, you will still have that wonderful, unbelievably powerful Forgiveness Engine and the iron clad, Lifetime Warranty that comes with it.

The other ride that you might choose for your trip to Heaven is the Ford Redemption. Ford, a distant number two in sales in America, has taken a more daring approach. The Ford uses a hybrid engine that is composed of two components: Forgiveness and Personal Renewal. This engine is a multi-fuel engine, and draws its power from both the Cross and the Resurrection.

Admittedly this engine is more temperamental than the Chevy engine. But its performance is truly phenomenal. It is absolutely a life changing experience to ride this engine to the far edges of the performance "envelope." Far Driver Magazine put it this way "It presses you back in your seat and takes you breathlessly through the sound barrier of spiritual apathy. And when you come out the other side, you are truly changed."

The Ford marketing plan is different too. It has quite a few more standard features, and fewer options. In the Ford plan, for example, all of the Chevy performance options are included as part of the basic package - not options. Ford's motto, "Performance Matters."

So, there you have it - the two main religious rides in America. Both, attractive vehicles. And both brands have a unique marketing plan. All that remains is the choice. And that is entirely yours. But choose carefully. The ride to Heaven is usually a long and always a supremely important trip.

Sometimes, great insight comes as basic truth in an unexpected form.