Feb 1, 2010

What A Difference A Thousand Years Can Make

The Bible tells us of the last period in world history when Jesus will establish a 1000 year political reign over the earth. It will be His benevolent monarchy that brings peace and prosperity to the whole planet. In my own "wonderings," I have often wondered why Christ would even bother. What's the point.

But, in fact, I have come to believe there really is "a point." It is to vindicate three things: His identity, His truth, and His redemptive vision for humanity. It will be a time when Christ will prove empirically that all of His overtures to mankind were true, correct, and good.

Think about it. Even at this very moment, we remain an eyelash away from crumbling into world chaos, or even worse, self annihilation. We as a species have never been able to put any significant or safe distance between ourselves and the recurrence of overwhelming darkness. And that condition has only been made worse by our technologies, which have brought into play, not only the possibility of accelerated social breakdown, but even extinction by our own hand.

Consider some of the more important things that have made us chronically self destructive, for example, Dark Extremism. From the Crusades, to the Spanish Inquisition, to Hitler, to Stalin, to contemporary Elitist Ideologues, to Islamic terrorist, these servants of darkness repeatedly force the world to the consequences of their extremes. And far to often, the cost is our blood and our children. The "death penalty" is a common attachment to dark fanaticism.

And beyond that, there is the universal flaw in humanity. It is the "Me Complex." The idea is basically, "Everything starts and ends with 'me;' so, the benefit must always flow in my direction." That philosophical flaw ingrains itself in individuals and nations alike to ever empower the darkness.
I recently read a disturbing story of how the French, as usual, have for years been draining the vitality out of Haiti. And yet their efforts toward, and their contributions to, Haitian relief now are embarrassingly small. From the French, to the African war lords of Somalia, to the presidents of Iran and Venezuela, there is no want of a "big screen" picture of the universal flaw that plagues our world and keeps us constantly near the border of overwhelming darkness.

And finally, there are the "Masking Counterfeits." To be sure, the truth is in our world. But often, we cannot sort it from the masking lies. There is a true way to a true God and a truly superlative personal destiny. But for each of those things, there are a thousand masking counterfeits. And so religion becomes confusing, the very existence of God - much less His true identity - comes into question, and our personal purpose and direction become unclear.

I think it is accurate to say that most of humanity, at this late historical hour, has simply given up any careful effort at trying to discover the true path of life. Rather now, as a whole, we just mostly pick and choose among the pleasant lies as they would seem to benefit the present moment. And as a result, overwhelming darkness has, for many, become more a "creeping daily plague" than a "pouncing lion." But it is darkness, nevertheless. And it is overwhelming, nevertheless.


Jesus has, for a long time now, offered to the world the remedy for all of these things: Dark Extremism, The "Me Complex," and the "Masking Counterfeits." It is simply His living lordship in our daily lives. Those who truly hear and respond to the inner voice of this unseen Savior have already come to see the extremes of darkness for what they are. They are learning daily how to move past the "Me Complex" toward a true charity that is expressed in actions and based in His holiness. And they have already, with real intent, taken up again the quest for godly truth - not simply as an intellectual pursuit - but as the means of personal newness.

So, true believers are already engaged in moving safely and permanently away from the overwhelming darkness. But that mostly happens in a personal and inner dimension. However, in a short time now, we will move to another dimension of the revelation of Christ. We will move to a more public dimension of His verification where the revelation of the Savior will become a political / historical awareness. And it will last 1000 years.

He will bring social peace and prosperity to the generations of that period. In so doing he will prove His love, His wisdom, and His absolute power over the physical world. He will also, in so doing, confirm all of His claims to and upon this world. And Christ will be completely verified as the unique and singular hope of mankind.

And near the end of that time, I hope there is some saintly evangelist or prophet who has an absolutely irresistible impulse. I hope he, consumed by the holy "Wind," will stand to his feet upon some high and very public pinnacle of the world, cup his hands to his mount, and thunder - to the Devil, to the demons, and to all human arrogance - "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"